The process instance is Suspended

The process instance is Suspended

I never worked with BPM, but I'm trying the app Campaigns provided by OutSystems
i use the process of sending mail, and every x mail appears in the status:
The process instance is Suspended.
Automatically suspended for having more than 10000 activities

can anyone help?
Hi Pedro,

As a protection against processes with infinite loops we suspend processes with more than 10000 activity instances.
The way the Campaigns is designed it generates 3 activities for each Contact/Email sent, so limiting the current Campaing process to around 3300 contacts.

Looking at the way it is designed, keeping the funcionability there multiple ways to quicly fix this (ordered by my preference of solution):

Transform the 'SendEmailAndUpdateHistory' into a Timer that processes all CampaignLog's without EmailId (don't forget to Commit after each itereation).
Then drop the 'SendCampaignEmail' part of the process and instead of calling 'StartSendCampaignEmail' for each CampaignLog just do a WakeTimer of the timer you just created.

Transform the 'SendCampaignEmail' part of the process into another Process, with the LaunchOn property set to CreateCampainLog.
This will create a separate process for each Contact/Email.

Attempt to modify the application a bit so instead of processing each ContactLog individually the 'SendCampaignEmail' reacts to a new entity where it processes more than 1 contact per execution.
Example: Create an entity CampaignBatch and a ContactBatchLog (relation table with CampaignBach Identifier, CampaignLog Identifier)
So if you make each batch with 10 ContactLogs it already lets you send the campain to around 33000 contacts instead of around 3300.

João Rosado
thanks for the explanation João Rosado.

Pedro Coelho