ODC Training - ZIP file is invalid


Concerning "From O11 to OutSystems Developer Cloud" course and its "Create Holidays Library" lesson: when trying to download and open Lesson Materials I get a message: 

Should I use some specific un-zipper?



Hello @Tomasz M. Lipinski 

I'm not having any problem.

It's this the file you want?

4.2. Create Holidays Library.en-US - Lesson Materials (1).zip

I had the same problem as Tomasz. 

I've found that 7.zip works with this file. So - whether opening this .zip works or not it depends on the current default un-zipper.



@Tomasz M. Lipinski  please check your Data Extraction software (Winzip or Winrar) is valid because i am also using Windows 11 and i didn't face any problem from Windows side nor from ODC Zip side.


Sanjay Bankar

Hello @Tomasz M. Lipinski 

If you facing any issue so you can download this Zip file and use this.

I hope this will work fine.

4.2. Create Holidays Library.en-US - Lesson Materials.zip

I had the same issue using Winzip (default un-zipper) in Windows 10. 

Using 7-zip the archive opens as expected.

Solution : When you download the zip file drag any other file or pdf into it and paste it inside. Now try to extract the zip file, you will be able to do it, I had the same issue it got solved.

2023-09-03 17-34-07
Mark Wolter

Thanks for writing the solution. I had the same problem and now I know how to solve it

My Win-rar works well with those files :)

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