How to translate the UserManagement components

How to translate the UserManagement components

We need to have our application fully Dutch.
How can we translate the UserManagement webblocks ?

To me it is impossible because the User eSpace is a system one and not accessible.
Do we need to create our own logic around this ?
Yes please.

We need that too.

we can alter some of it, yet not everything.

Please ask a cloned version of Users to OutSystems Support. They'll provide you with that, and you can apply your own translations.
I'd also ask you to send back the translation resources. We can use them to have a quickstart for the translation process and embbed them in the platform's default system component.
Wouldn't it be MUCH easier to just open up that system component.
How do we go ahead if there comes an update of the users component ? Do we need to ask for another clone then ?

Anyhow, we'll get in contact with support for the clone