Email translation with setcurrentlocale

Email translation with setcurrentlocale

Hi all.

I am currently doing a translation of an application and I came across a problem that I hope you can help me with.

In the administration it is possible to send emails that have the text defined in the code.
Now that the application has to admit registration of foreign users is necessary that these emails are sent in English.
As the user sending the email is always in PT, and I thought it wouldn't make sense to force him to switch to EN whenever want to send an email to a foreigner, I decided to use the setcurrentlocale to change the language of the email regardless of the language of the user that is sending it.
The problem is that sometimes the language doesn't switch back to Portuguese and the user in administration is suddenly with the page translated to English.
Some emails are defined by a url.

Has anyone experienced this and found a viable solution?

version 5.1
Multiple interconnected espaces
Application default language in Portuguese