Generate .DOC using data's of Inputs (entities).

Generate .DOC using data's of Inputs (entities).

sorry if exist one topic or solution for my problem.
i'm searching and don't have result...
my problem is: 
I have one screen, where i type all inputs...
and next i click on button "OK". 
I need one action or eSpace who where i click in OK button, He (Aciton/eSpace) Create new file for download.
The download is one .DOC ( word microsoft ). 
The file .DOC need have all data typed in all inputs, before of button OK clicked .
Is how  generate one file .DOC containing the data entered and save in database.

attachment image, for express my problem..

Hi Adilson.

I believe what you need can be accomplished using templates, being filled with one of the existing extensions for that effect.
You save a template with the merge fields as a resource in your eSpace, and use the exposed extension methods to fill in the data with your input values.

Best regards,