Deleting a favorite but not a database product.


I have a problem with the following thing.
I have a database full of products, I have imported that certain database in Outsystems.
But I made a button that you can select a few of those products, and those you have selected will appear in a favorit screen.

This part works fine.

But now I want to delete 1 product out of the favorits but not out of the database.

I can't seem to delete this certain product only out of the favorite's.
I have succeeded on delete the whole product, also out of the database, but thats too much, I just want to delete the connection between both of them
and I would like too keep the database product.

Are any of you formiliar with this?

With kind regards,
how do you mark a product as a favourite?

is it a boolean value in the product-entity?

obvious, don;t delete it then, but update the database

is it a linked-table?

check the delete rules if they are set correctly

if it's not one of those 2, i would like to know how you did implement the favourite

Hope it helps,

I'm not sure how to describe how this goes, so I will just post a screenshot of the action.

This step was made by my boss who is also designing the same thing, and he asked me if i could find out about this part.

(Hope this works, I get an error if I try to upload one to here.
I also uploaded a version as an attachment.)

It simply collects all the date of a product (name, brand etc.) and makes a certain copy of it for in the favorit tab.

My english isn't that well so sorry if I understand you the wrong way or if I make spelling mistakes ;)
No worries about the spelling.

(if you are dutch, looking at the name, you can PM me as well in dutch :) )

the screenshot you are showing is just creating items, so I doubt that would be the issue.

of the create-ones, which one is the "favourite"-items  entity?

and can you show a screenshot of where you actually remove the favourite item?

last, can you provide us with the datamodel oml.

I will take a little bit of time before I will post any answers.
I'm making a test application through wich I try to solve the problem my selve.

I really love the research and making new steps, so I will continue on my progress before I post anything.

If I am able to solve it, I will post how and the result!

p.s. I'm dutch too, so you guessed correctly! :-)