Anybody have experience with use of OutSystems applications behind a reverse proxy like Microsoft ISA server (or what is the new name) ?
Since we've done that, we've lots of problems. 
IE the Users app doen't run ok. Getting blank screen when trying to add roles to a user

Did you applied acces to all applications, so also the ones that are referenced?

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Hello Joop and Evert

Placing a Reserve Proxy in front of OutSystems applications may generate unexpected problems and inconsistencies, namely because the Agile Platform generates URLs based on the URLs that arrive the front-ends, and not necessary the URLs that the end-uses place on the Web Browser.

When the end-users access directly the front-ends, this is not a problem, but when behind a reserve roxy or gateway that transforms URLs, as you might imagine, this can be a problem. So if your ISA server is performing URL translation and/or SSL off load, you might get this sort of problems.

Make sure that the URLs arriving at the front-ends are in fact the same inputted by the end-users on the web browser, and all goes well. If you must perform URL translations of SSL off load, then I suggest you reach out to the OutSystems Technical Support for alternatives.

Hoep this helps.


Miguel Simões João