Facebook connect demo

I want to try the Facebook connect demo. Therefore, I have downloaded all the needed espaces.
Publishing is no problem, but for running the demo, you need to set the "connect session settings" in the preparation.
See below.
Is there anyone who can tell me where I can find the right value to set the parameters. 

With kind regards, Rob Engler
Hi Rob,

I believe you need to register for a facebook application at https://developers.facebook.com/setup/ to get those settings

Tiago Simões

Yes, Tiago is right!

By the way, I work at swiitch, we built this component, if you have any other question, feel free to ask. :)

Yes, Thanks

I did created a app on facebook and i recieved a number. I changed the data in the espace but niow I get i message "there is a fault, try again later".
Is facebook aspecting a facebook Id. I cannot find any entry of that.

Thanks in advanced


I think that the swiitch compionent is missing. Can you please tel me where I can find the swiitch component and how I can install that component.
I looked at the community and on internet but I cannot find the swiitch component.

Thanks in advanced.

With kin regards, Rob
Download the solution on the button of the page: http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=237

The new unreleased facebook connect...
Added feature to manage facebook apps directly from facebook connect portal
Added feature to view all the users consuming your facebook app

Yes, it works now. What I did wrong was to fillout the field scope with my onw email address.
I changed it back in "email" and it works. But thanks for your tips and support. Now the connector is running oke!
That's good to hear, and no problem!

Robert Chanphakeo wrote:
That's good to hear, and no problem!

Hi Robert, 

I have a website running on service studio 8 using .Net and IIS7. Im having a horrible time getting the open graph debugger to scrape my page at:


Could you take a look? Facebook engineers are saying they are getting an HTTP ERROR 411. Any advice you could offer work be great. Thanks.