OSX Server & MySQL database

OSX Server & MySQL database

Is it possible to run the server components on an OSX server to deploy java & mobile applications and connect to MySQL for the database?
Hi Ricardy,

The Agile Platform Java version is certified only to run on JBoss under RedHat, with Oracle as its Database. The .Net version must be run on IIS on server-grade Windows, with either Oracle or SQL Server as its database. Version 6.0 of the platform is currently only available for the .Net stack.

For more info check out the System Requirements at



You could try installing JBoss on Mac OS Server, but since Oracle doesn't support it and OutSystems doesn't support MySql, you're kind of stuck.
If you really must use Mac OS Server, I guess your best option is to use a VM on it.

Thanks guys! It looks like I will have to look into the Linux version but unfortunately AgilePlatform is still version 5.X for java development.