Problem with file name on action "Download"

Problem with file name on action "Download"

Hello ppl.
I have a inssue with the "Download" function, available on the Service Studio, particulally with the file name.
I want to download a simple file, but the file name sometimes, have blank spaces on the string and also have special caracteres on it, because the name of the files are in portuguese.
What happens is that the action "Download" removes the blank spaces, and also removes all the special caracteres.
How can i download a file with blank spaces, and special caracteres on the file name? For now, i replace the blank spaces with "_".
Thanks a lot.

Cláudio Oliveira
Hi Claudio,

Welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately, this is a current limitation on the Download node implementation. The issue is known and has already been logged into our bug database to be addressed in a future release.


Ok Miguel, thanks a lot.