step by step

hello guys,
this is sattibabu vatti.
                                                                  i am  learning outsystems. i downloaded some samples regarding outsystems. its funcianality is good.
                                                                 but  i wanted to know how they developed the samples.i wanted to know the step by step in formation about 
                                                                  the sampels. if anybody  know how to find the procedure please reply me back.
Hi, Sattibabu Vatti.
Welcome to Outsystems Community.

In the OutSystems Academy you can get free online training that will get you up to speed with OutSystems.
You can do, by your self, some exercices and take a look into examples and the Outsystems Academy it's great for that.
You should take a look for the Developer Course 1 in the Academy.

Daniel Martins
i completed developer course 1 in academy. i wanted to know step by step of downloaded samples.if you know please tell me the procedure.