Combo Box and the Identifier

Combo Box and the Identifier

Hello Everybody,
In the combo box widget, Outsystems requires that the Variable needs to be populated with an identifier.  But what if our identifier is represented by two columns, then what?  Primary keys can be represents by a combination of several fields.  This is a common occurance.  How do you we make the combo box widget accept this fact?
Thanks in advance.
Hi Frank,

This seamless combo<->id integration was designed to work with Agile Platform's native Identifiers, which are always single attributes.

If you have a compound key, you will need to synthesize a unique text key (say, by concatenating the two key attributes) and use this synthetic (unique attribute) key on the combo. Then, on submit, you'd need to "explode" this key and produce your real compound key before updating the DB.

Hope this helps,