Entities.MessageType.Success Timer to 2/3 seconds

Having a little Question about Feedback_Message, for the MessageType we can Use Entities.MessageType.Success
(with a green notification in Top of the Webpage)
Sometimes this successfull notification doesn't disappear after 6/7/8 seconds, so it's hanging in the Top of the Webpage.
Can we configure the timer for this successfull notification message, for showing only 2/3 seconds ?
Is this possible to Do ?
Cheers, Yusuf
Hi Yusuf,

In order to do that you need to create your own feedback message web block. Just copy the one from RichWidgets to a different eSpace, modify the javascript in its preparation and replace the instances of the old web block by the your new component.

Tiago Simões
Hello Tiago,

Wouldn't it be possible to set it as a parameter to the feedback message? Some kind of input on how long you want to display the feedback message?

Would be a good improvement :).

Kind regards,