Ajax Request Session Timeout

Ajax Request Session Timeout

I'm having trouble because I have a screen that does an Ajax Refresh request, and 
whenever the ASP .Net Session expires and I call the Ajax Refresh it won't do anything. 
Besides that, in ServiceCenter it logs "Registered role required" but I can't find a way to catch the unregistered user exception.
Has anyone ever come to this?

Gonçalo Chora 
Nope. Waiting for the answer.
Does break on all errors work?
Hi Gonçalo,

Ajax calls keep the session alive so I expect that this is only a problem if you take more than 20mins on the screen, right?

In any case, I believe best practises say you should have ajax screens as being available to Anonymous role users otherwise you will get this sort of problems.

Having said that, I expect a Security Exception error handler in the screen flow should allow you to catch this error. Have you tried that?


Thanks for your attention on this issue. Yes, this only happens if I stay idle for at least 20 minutes (the session timeout value). 
The Ajax Refresh I'm using is the platform so, it is only refreshing parts of the current screen. 
For a security matter, I must have this screen only avaliable for registered users and I've already tried the security exception handler to redirect to an anonymous page and it didn't work either.

Any ideas?

Hi, 4 years after the beggining of this thread, there are any solution to avoid this problem?