Web Service WSDL Record verses List Type Issue

Web Service WSDL Record verses List Type Issue

I am trying to consume an iSeries/AS400 Web Service and have followed the instructions per the how to instructions but I am haveing an issue with the input and results values because they are defined in the WSDL as record types. The outsystems interface sees the parameters within the record but when I attempt to bind the info to my Table Record it says it needs to be a list type, which is not recomended.
Anyway I have provided the screens to show the issue.

Hi Kevin,

I'm not sure if I've understood the problem.
You have a gettimeoffhrs method that returns a single Record. That means that it can be only used inside a ShowRecord or EditRecord widget.
Table records are used to make listings of records, like:

User1 name1 address1
User2 name2 address2

Or.. Is the problem related with the type of the webservice imported?

You are correct , I only want to show a single record. Let me test this and see if its because I was using the wrong type of widget.  I was following the example and wanted to test a real live service from our company. I see the sampe one uses the table widget :)  I will let you know after I test this. Thanks for reply..