Table Record Widget....

Table Record Widget....

Hi, community..
i have a problem with table widget record,at edit screen i have a Table Recoed Widget, and one button,when user clicks the button,it shows all employee from employee table(entity),and calculate their monthly salary.its working good.
the first employee who has id 1,it does not shows in table record widget,and also it keeps first row empty.
its show second row and second employee,whos id is 2.
but when i run my query to test,it shows me correct result,all employee.
but does not shows first employee in Table record widget ...??? what is missing.. i tried so much,but no luck...
kindly help me...

Israr A Khan

Hi Israr,
If you could provide the eSpace it would be easier to find out what's going on. can you?
Hello Israr,

Israr Khan wrote
run my query to test it
  Do you do this in service studio with the test button?

What is the result when you do a debug? Is the first record available in the list from the query?

Maybe apply screenshot (without salary :)) of the table record when it's created? Sounds like a strange problem.

Kind regards,