Need help modifying the Vacations Example

Need help modifying the Vacations Example


I am in the process of incorporating a modified version of the Vacations Example into my site.  I am a little confused by some the the terminology/logic associated with setting up the vacation days for each employee (user).  Can someone explain the logic behind the Contract/Granted terms used in the example?  They seem to add to give the total absence days available, but have no bearing on the type of leave requested/taken.

I need to have different numbers of days available for each Absence Type (Vacation, Sick Leave, Personal Days,...) and track them separately.  So any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Carlene Neeley

Hi Carlene, 

as far as I remember, you can setup for each employee a number of days, according to each contract type they have for example. Those days will be added to the global days of vacations each year you open.