Endorsement from a Professional Engagement Manager

Hi everyone!

I need an endorsement from a Professional Engagement Manager so I can apply for a certification and become an Associate Engagement Manager. 
Can one of you help me, sending me your email, so I can send to you a endorsement request?

Best Regards
Hi Nádia,

Welcome to the forums - great of you to join us!

In regards to your request, and since it is not the first time this matter has been brought up, I thought I'd clarify this OutSystems Academy process.

To reach an Associate Engagement Manager level you will need an endorsement (with a rating of 80% or above) from a Professional Engagement Manager that worked with you directly in an OutSystems project. This stems from the fact that one is only able to vouch for another's ability as a professional if he/she has worked with that person first hand.

After the endorsement, the aspiring professional will still need to take up an exam to reach the new level.

If you have any, more detailed, questions feel free to contact the Academy folks at academy@outsystems.com.



To become an Associate Engagement Manager, you can also register for the next Engagement Manager Boot Camp. That's actually the most common path.

More info on OutSystems Boot Camps here.

Best Regards,
Mário, OutSystems Academy