IE9 Issues


In the organization where I work, we are havving some problems with some applications, when using the Internet Explorer 9. That applications are in production for a long time and we never had this kind of issues.

For example, one of the problems is ralated with the file upload, using actions that calls some functionality developed in the .NET framework and integrated in the Agile Platform via Integration Studio.

So far, we don't have a clue on this issues origin...

Anyone is having this kind problems? What can we do to overcome them?

Please help.
Hugo Laibaças
(Direção-geral do Orçamento)
Hi Hugo,

I'm affraid your remark is a bit too common to relate your specific situation.
If you specify which issues occur when and put this in a fresh thread, you have a
better chance of someone recognising the situation and provide you with some useful information.
Try to be specific as from the subject.

Include in your post the exact version of the Platform, Server Studio, and browser and specify the environment (.NET, Java), DMZ / Internal / Internet etc.
Include the OML you're having issues with (if you're allowed to) or replicate it.
Give details about the situation, errors shown in the logs etc.

Hope this helps you in specifying the issue and eventually pinpointing it and getting a solution for it.



Hi Hugo,

As Eric mentioned your description of the problem and what may have led to it is a bit vague for us to be able to effectively help you.

Some clarifications you could make:

- Did you roll out any eSpace/solution update to prod recently?
- Have any IE updates been installed on the client machine? Do these problem happen if you access the app from another machine with IE? What about if you use Firefox or Chrome?
- Please elaborate on the detected problem: what's wrong with the file upload? Do you find that the form won't post at all? Will post but the upload binary does not get filled in? Something else?
- If you have a Debug/Dev environment, do the problems happen there? If so, can you try the debugger to pinpoint the issue?

Drop us a line.