Problems visualizing ECT

Problems visualizing ECT

Hi all!

We're currently running a project using the Java stack and we cannot see the ECTs our client is submitting.

Either going to the ECT list via Enterprise or ECT_Provider as soon as we open an ECT the page stays loading and after that we cannot longer navigate the ECT list. To be able to see just the ECT list we have to clean the browser cache or change browser and then the cycle begins again(opening, loading, loading, nothing to see here...)

Can anyone shed some thoughts on this?

Hi. What version of Agile Platform are you using? And what version of Enterprise Manager / ECT Provider?

Also, please perform the following test: when the page stays loading, as you said, make a request to the root of JBoss (http://<server>/).

If this request also gets stuck, it's a precious information and we will try some resolutions.
If the request ends, you will get a blank page (which is expected). In this case, make another request to ServiceCenter's home page (http://<server>/ServiceCenter/), and tell me if this request stays loading forever.

Leonardo Fernandes

we are using Platform 5.0.

Enterprise Manager and ECT Provider are both version 5.0.13.

I did your test... while I'm writing this post the ECT screen is loading and I've successfully made a request to JBoss root and ServiceCenter. Neither of them got stuck.

Meanwhile, while trying to figure this out we may have identifed a pattern... all the ECTS we try to open have empty value in column HTML_GUID in the Feedback table.

We will also contact support about this matter.

Ok, so the tests did not help me in any conclusion. In this case I agree that you should contact the support.

Leonardo Fernandes