list webblock refresh from a list-webscreen

list webblock refresh from a list-webscreen

Hello, i'm trying to build a solution where i have a list screen on the left and after clicking one record (trough a link on the first field in that list), i wan't to update a list-webblock with an AJAX-refresh on the right according to the chose value.
I have read that i can do that via the Notify-widget, but although its visable in my system-widgets, i can't select it the action behind the link.
Is there another way to refresh a webblock with the AJAX-refresh from antoher webscreen?


Hello Mark,

Refresh of the screen from a webblock is possible by the notify widget (you'll need to place the notify widget in the webblock).

But why would you like to refresh a webblock from a another screen? Let me say it this way: you are on a screen, click something and on another screen you want to refresh something? How are you going to see what you are refreshing (since that is shown at another page where you're not located at).

You probably mean something else?

Kind regards,
Evert, the point is that the choice of a record in the left side of the screen, must update the right side of the screen. I might have been a little unclear about that. 
But when you say that  i need to place the notify widget in the webblock, what exactly do you mean? Do you mean the notify-action widget?

When you have chosen a record in a list (click a (ajax) link) you can execute an action. In the end of that action you can refresh the right part of the screen (in your case the webblock) by using a ajax refresh widget.

Regarding the notify widget, by that I indeed mean the system notify action. If you use that action in a webblock the webblock will generate a onNotify option. In the onNotify action you can then call an action in the screen.

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