Service Studio and Quality Control (Rant!)

Or rather, the lack of Quality Control.

This is the latest, and supposedly best (in terms of bugs and usage), version for version 5.0 of the Platform. Yes, I get it's not the newest but it's what we use to, you know, do actual work. And no, we're not going to upgrade to 5.1 or 6.0 just because they're newer. Upgrades have costs and, for those new to Earth, there's not a lot of money going around.

So, Service Studio

It crashes way too often when merging eSpaces. Really. The last time I rememeber Service Studio crashing this often was with version 3.3. Sure, whatever work one was doing isn't lost (with 3.3 it often was) but it's annoying, and, more importantly, it wastes a lot of time.

One can't really use it with the keyboard. Why? In previous versions, when one pressed a key, say 'P', the eSpace tree would move to the next object starting with 'P', and then on could use the cursor keys to move up or down from there and the Enter key to open the object (if it was openable). This no longer works. Now, if one presses P, either nothing happens or the tree moves to some random object that starts with 'P'. And then, when you press the cursor up/down keys, the same thing happens: either it doens't do anything or moves the tree to somewhere unxepected.

Hi Carlos,

I'm sorry to hear that the lastest version of SS 5.0 is giving you troubles. :(

In regards to merge, as you probably suspect, the algorythm behind it is extremely complex and memory heavy - what with all the cross references that need to be handled - so it is subject to occasional spurious errors that only manifest in specific eSpaces. It may be that you're hitting one such bug that is not specific to can I suggest that you please submit your eSpaces, together with the merge options you selected to support?

As for the hotkey thing, it sounds like a focus problem. Have you noticed this happening on other computers? If so, please let us know too!

In regards to an upgrade... well, I would never suggest that as a solution to a problem unless you were in a discontinued version. But I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't at least leave it as sensible suggestion for you guys to consider in the near future. :)

Best Regards,

Well, if it were up to me we would be on version 6.0 ever since it came out :)
Unfortunatly it's not...

With regard to the keys, luckily I found out a use for the Synaptics drivers (most Windows PCs come with them preinstalled): it enables a bunch of touchpad swipes -- including the very useful two finger swipe to scroll around.