Using images with CKEditor and EMail

Using images with CKEditor and EMail

I am trying to use CKEditor to allow user to embed images in their text. This text is then sent in an email. If the user pastes in an image, it displays correctly, but Outsystems will not email it. There's an error: "Error creating email. Unable to fetch 'data:image/png:base64,....' to include in email." Does anyone know how to make this work correctly? See attached application.

Alternatively, is there a way to associate images in the editor with images in the database? Can this be done in a user friendly way?
Hi Gerry,

In regards to your reported problem, this is a current misfeature of the platform. The way sending email works is that we pre-process the message contents, and collect all the files referenced to become attachments. This means CSS files, images are all GET and become part of the payload.

When you paste an image from the clipboard int CK Editor, the latter is creating an image with a SRC that contains the image base64 inline. This is currently unsupported by our parser. I have now created an issue containing this change request.

As for a way to go around this and implement an "interface" with your DB for your images, simply look into the CKEditor eSpace itself: the control is wired to do all uploads of images (via the provided Image toolbar button) using an eSpace screen (UploadFlow\Upload.aspx) and then it changes the IMG's SRC to use another eSpace screen (UploadFlow\Download.aspx) to fetch it in runtime. Both these screens use the DB to store and fetch the image.