Overlap in webblocks

Overlap in webblocks

Hello, i've created a webscreen with 2 webblocks side by side. The width of the left webblock is 40%, the right side 60%. However, the right webblock overlaps the left webblock. Anyone know how i can avoid this?

Hi Mark,

What do you mean by overlap? Does the content get mixed or one of the webblocks goes to a different line? Can you provide a screenshot or an URL with an example of the problem?

Hello Miguel, the problem exists when i resize my window. Although there seems to be lots of space, the webblocks overlap. Look at the screen-capture. When extending the window, the overlap disappears, but as i'm going to use it on a tablet, teh maximum size of the window is limited.

That behavior is a bit awkward, and it's probably an issue of CSS styles rather than of using webblocks.

Usually HTML elements are only rendered overlapping if they're using custom CSS position (fixed/relative/absolute) or if they have block-like display with disabled text-wrapping.

What styles are you applying to the blocks or their contents?