State of multi-tenancy in agileplatform

I'm currently doing a proof-of-concept (POC) demo of agileplatform for my company.  We have an absolute requirement for multi-tenancy.  While creating the POC, I found two issues that are cause for concern. 
One is that the user and role features in agileplatform don't seem to work at all when multi-tenancy is turned on.  Is this correct?
The other concern is the large warning in the help documentation that multi-tenant capability will be changing in agileplatform.  Does anyone know if outsystems has provide more detailed comments on the state of multi-tenancy?

Thank you
Hi Powell, 

You are correct that in the current multi-tenancy implementation in the Agile Platform you have to provide/code your own user/role management if you want to give permissions to certain tenants.

On your second question, contact outsystems support for more information, they can help. I think things will improve in the upcoming release.