Error uploading excel file

I receive the following message: Excel read error in row 2: Column 'INSTRUCTOR:Name' has an invalid type. Expected a 'Int32' but received a 'String'. I am not sure how to fix the issue. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
Hello and welcome,
im quite new to the platform myself but, could you explain the procedure you are using to upload the excel file?
So far i have uploaded a few and got a few errors but none like that, since to my knowledge if you are uploading it into the entities there are no "assumed" types.
I used the loop through as excel tutorial as my base and made an import page.  When I click on the import excel, I get the error.  I've had no trouble with the other import I did.  I am just importing an instructor name, date, start time, and end time.  The only thing I can think might be causing an issue is that the instructor name is an identifier for another table.