How to Install the Agile Platform for Java in an offline environment

How to Install the Agile Platform for Java in an offline environment

Installing the Java version of the Agile Platform in an offline environment (say 'pcoffline') may require some manual steps (usually performed by the yum pack manager):

1. Obtain a similar machine (say 'pconline'), with Internet access and the same configuration:
        - Same Operating System, e.g.: Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL);
        - Same version, e.g.: 5.3;
        - Same architecture, e.g.: x86_64.
   Suggestion: if you're working with Virtual Machines (VMs), clone the pcoffline VM to pconline, and connect the latter VM to the Internet.

2. Check pconline for additional setups:
        a) If working with RHEL, install a valid Red Hat Network subscription;
        b) Install the OutSystems repository: get these steps from the 'Installation Checklist' document of Agile Platform for Java.

3. In pconline, install the yumdownloader (from the yum-utils package) to download packages and their dependencies without having to install them:
        yum install yum-utils

4. Get required package(s) for your case with the yumdownloader.
   For example:
       yumdownloader --resolve --destdir=/path/to/offlineRPMsDir outsystems-agileplatform-jboss-eap graphviz graphviz-gd
   All packages are stored in the 'offlineRPMsDir'.

5. Copy the 'offlineRPMsDir' and content from pconline to pcoffline.
         a) If both machines are connected through the network:
                scp -r root@pconline:/path/to/offlineRPMsDir /pcoffline_path/to/offlineRPMsDir
         b) If machines have no network connection:
                i) Copy the 'offlineRPMsDir' folder to a pen (or other media)
                ii) Unmount the pen from the pconline;
                iii) Mount the pen on the pcoffline;
                iv) Copy the 'offlineRPMsDir' folder to '/pcoffline_path/to/offlineRPMsDir'

6. Install the packages in pcoffline:
        cd /pcoffline_path/to/offlineRPMsDir
        yum localinstall *.rpm
This doesnt seem to download the Outsystems platform files, should it be done seperately?