Server file download

Server file download

hello everyone

im trying to download a file (image) from a URL inside an action
so the file can be saved on the server and displayed in the application

is this possible without the need for user interaction?

i got as faar as the HttpBinaryGet action
now i got the binary data, which can be saved to an entity.
but how is it saved to the filesystem, so i can display the image in the app¿

thank you!
Hello Manuel,

I didn't understand your question.
if you save it into the database you can display it on the screen adding an image to the screen and selecting the type "Database" and the Entity Indentifier the ID from you entity.

However if you want to save it to the filesystem you have an extension name FileSystem that allows you that.

thank you diogo! that did the trick

HttpBinaryGet -> CreateEntityRecord -> Link the Image element (Type: Database)

have you got a suggestion for properly building the filename with the contenttype?
or is splitting "image/png" to "png" the common way to do it?