[Camera Plugin] [Camera Plugin] Error: There was an issue generating the app.
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Hi all,

I tried to generate iOS app and get the following message.

Error: There was an issue generating the app. The Cordova plugin cordova-plugin-camera is not compatible with the "Swift Language Version" build setting that was defined. Check your plugin configurations and try again. 

I had updated the camera plugin forge component to the latest version which 7.1.13 and generate using MABS 9.0.

Configuration is 




I'm using OutSystems Version 11.14.1 (Build 34445). Where do I configure "Swift Language Version"?

Thanks in advance,


Screenshot 2023-03-31 133812.png

Hi KZO, 

Just by the error alone, there’s not enough info that we can use to support you. Please check the build logs or open a support case with more details so that one of our teams can check the issue.


@KZO were you able to remove the issue? Thank you

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