Store Procedure in Outsystems

Store Procedure in Outsystems

Hello everyone!
I want call one Store Procedure than run in SQL Server Management Studio but in Outsystems give me the next error: "Error in advanced query AdvQuery1 in CreditCommission_SynchronizePartial in SyncAccipiens (EXEC dbo.SD_PCEExtraccaoSP @Date ): Could not find stored procedure 'dbo.SD_PCEExtraccaoSP'."
The user: Outsystems have a permissions.
Someone helps me?

I attached the picture of my query.

Best Regards, Paulo Torres
Hi Paulo

Your solution in 7 steps.

1) Avoid Stored Procedures, functions or other functionalities outside from platform
2) It's necessary and I have to use
3) Go to OutSystems Configuration Tool (Start -> All Programs -> OutSystems -> Administration Tools -> Configuration Tool)
4) Check the name of runtime user
5) Go to SQL Server Management Studio, check if OutSystems runtime has permitions to execute the procedure. 
6) Test it should work
7) Think of a a different solution, Stored procedures are out of control of the platform

Thank you very much Rui :)
I will test
and i say you if it worked.
Best Regards and have a nice weekend
Paulo Torres