Invalidating the cache by individual item

Invalidating the cache by individual item

Hi, from looking at the documentation for 6.0, it looks like you can only invalidate the whole cache. Am I reading this right?

If I am, this seems like an odd way to run a cache - surely for it to be effective, you need to be able to invalidate a specific item in the cache?

For example, if I have various pieces of standing data in my cache (categories, list of employees, list of customers etc.) and I add a new record to just one of those, I want to be able to invalidate that one cached item without invalidating everything - clearing all cached data will cause an un-necesssary performance hit in recreating the cache when only one item needs refreshing.

Any thoughts?
You are reading it right.

Some time ago I created an idea on Wisdom of the Crouds about this ( but it didn't get many supporters. Maybe this post can give it a "bump" ;)
Thanks, it's got my vote.