Windows 8 Consumer Preview: a Warning

Service Studio does not run, it does not even install, in Windows 8 Consumer Preview x64.

So, don't install it on your main dev box.

(Also, while Hyper-V is way better than Virtual Box -- it's the same as in Windows 8 Server -- it messes up the video drivers)
In windows 7 there is a compatibility mode.
Have you tried that one before installing it?
Allso isn't the servicestudio a bit old? (I don't know if you have a specified reason to run this old version)
I'm running overhere on
Well, it was released on the march 23rd, so it's not really that old.

And the compatibility mode doesn't work, however, instead of failing without any error, when I try to install it in compatibility mode I get an error saying that I have to install the .NET Framework 2.0 (and I already did since it's included when I installed the 3.5 version).
When you install other programs that use .net framework do they work?
And when you put it on compatibility mode wich windows do you pick?
Yup, they do.
The Vodafone Mobile Connect app works, and so does the Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool.
But I'm already working with OutSystems to fix this, so it'll work for every one.
(Also, Service Studio 6.x probably has the same issue, I haven't tested it yet but since it's a problem with a 3rd party component, it probably doesn't work either)
Ok good luck!
If there is a solution (wich isn't a new version of service studio) please let me know.
I've finally tested Service Studio, and it doesn't work in Windows 8 either.