"Care to share that with the whole class?" - A. Chinita teaches OutSystems!

"Care to share that with the whole class?" - A. Chinita teaches OutSystems!

Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd share with you guys a bit of news on community's truly António Chinita, together with a cool picture of him... in a tie!

António was invited by ISCTE (a well known Portuguese public university institute) to do a presentation on OutSystems technology to Computer Science and Business Management final year students. Being the old guy that I am I was not able to sneak in and attend unnoticed, but I just know he rocked (as I’m sure all Bits &Bijt attendees who saw his presentation will agree).

Furthermore, he was invited back to lecture one more crash-course class which will allow students to fast-track should they opt to use the Agile Platform in one of the course subjects’ final assignment!

Please join me in congratulating “Mr. Chinita, sir” :) in his new-found teacher vocation and – if you have other cool “You & OutSystems in the wild” stories – please let me know so we can all gloat a bit!


Haha. Thanks.
It was really nice sharing some of our day-to-day with future professionals. I even had the surprise of seeing an old high school colleague back from my hometown!

I tried to keep it high level, speaking about how the methodology and the platform can help shorten sprint times and deliver with quality and on time. Fortunately, I'll have a chance to get to the inner workings of the IDE/platform soon with some of them. I hope they enjoy it as much as I do. :) 
Good job António :)
Nice António, congratulations!