Can installing a solution downgrade components?

Can installing a solution downgrade components?

Hi, I have a new server which hasn't had any OutSystems upgrades done - it still has the original installation version. As well as installing OutSystems, I have installed a number of solutions - System, Business Activity Monitoring, and LxIS Google Charts on a Spring.

I also installed a few apps - Documents and Vacations, I think.

After doing all this and a bit of development, I found that the BAM solution was showing a problem with the System solution, and a broken reference.

I've got a couple of issues here:

1. Can installing a solution downgrade parts (components or applications) of your system? 
2. How on earth are you supposed to sort this out when it happened? I ended up spending ages repulishing original versions on loads of applications until it finally sorted itself, but I was really concerned that the server had managed to get itself into a state where an app had broken references, and there was no 'click to sort this' option 

Has anyone else seen similar, or got any advice on this? It's made me concerned about what might happen when we start putting solutions live (we are currently just in dev mode at the moment).
What I should have added to this was that some eSpaces were showing older versions that the initial install version (, which was what made me think something had downgraded them.

I would have thought a downgrade would not be possible, or at least not without my direct approval of such an action, along with warnings about things possibly getting broken.
Hi, it would be a big help if someone could give some feedback on this, as I will need to upgrade to the new version of Platform Server soon, and need to be clear on how to do that without messing up the system. Thanks!
Yes, it CAN downgrade them, be very careful to have your Platform Servers versions in sync!

This just happened to one of my clients a few days ago...

Hi lain,

Yes, publishing Solutions can downgrade some referenced components if they were not included in the packaged.
It happens expecially if you install an App from the catalog, since it doesn't take the references to the System Components.

This situation is still being looked at and will probably change in future versions of the platform to always use the published version.

In your situation wouldn't a republish of the latest Systems Components solution (C:\Program Files\Outsystems\Platform Server\System_Components.osp) solve it?

João Rosado
Thanks for the replies. Yes, I did republish the System Components solution again, but it wasn't immediately clear to me that I should do that. Also, once I'd done that, everything that relied on it was then flagged up as outdated, so I then had loads more stuff to go through and republish, trying to work out which order to republish everything in to get rid of all the warnings. Also, bearing in mind I'm new to the platform, I wasn't even convinced that I was going the right way about it, which was concerning.

It certainly should be changed, otherwise if I publish two solutions, I could get different results on my live server, depending upon which order I publish things in.

Also, I'm still unclear what it was that caused the downgrade - if it was the demo apps, that's not such a problem as I won't be putting them live, but if it was the Business Activity Monitoring, I will put that live.

Obviously OutSystems is sold as offering simple deployment, but this particular issue certainly compromises that. I look forward to seeing it resolved in a future version.

Thanks, Iain