Fixed Table Header

Fixed Table Header

   We have a requirement to have a scrollable table where the header stays fixed  ie always visable(and another where the left most column stays fixed). While we are trying to use filters to limit the columns/data shown, we cannot remove this requirement. I have tried several packages, all with at least one problem, FixedTableHeader and JJDataGrid seem to be the best. Do you have a way to do this that works?
Hello Robin,

I have implemented the FixedtableHeader successfully, after some changes.
What problem you have with it?
The espace in attach
in attach without ipp

 can anybady attach . OML with out IPP..

sattibabu vatti.

try this one.

its working ..

sattibabu vatti.
Great Sattibabu

We have used some downloaded code, but we have change many things on code.
Tell us, If you need any help.

Fixed Table Header is not working properly when there are multiple column of very size. Column header and value are not in proper order.

Sunil Mane

Hello Sunil, Try to take out all table css. I thing you cant use padding. I had the same problem and change it to other styles.