Excel bootstrap with field relating to static entity

Excel bootstrap with field relating to static entity

Hi, I'm trying to create a bootstrap from Excel to populate a table which has several attributes, one of which is a ID field of a static entity indicating what type of record this is.

When I follow the 'Create Bootstrap' wizard, it tries to link up fields from the spreadsheet with fields from the table. It does this correctly for all fields apart from the one linking to the static entity, where it never matches that one up. I've tried populating the data with the attribute ID / order field, and also the text description, and I've tried using the attribute name as a column heading as well as using the attribute label. Every time it fails to match it up.

Please can someone explain how to create the bootstrap successfully? Thanks!
Hi Iain,

Not "pulling in" foreign keys was a design decision at the time the bootstrap feature was implemented. There are arguments for and against that decision, namely the convenience of importing a DB-coherent excel versus the Id's in the excel not existing and you getting a DB error, so r&d opted to err on the side of safeness versus convenience.

One way you can work around this is, if I remember correctly, to

1) temporarily change the foreign key attribute to Integer in SS
2) do the bootstrap wizard
3) change the attribute back to the foreign key

You may need to do some minor cleanup after 3 but it should work. But please make sure that the bootstrap excel has all FK coherent with your Static Entity and DON'T publish the eSpace while doing this procedure (so column types don't get changed in the DB).


Thanks Miguel. I can understand the issue when the foreign key relates to normal entities, but with static entities, the values in the related table are predictable - maybe there's a way in future versions that you could enable this?

I'll have a look into the method you suggest in the meantime.

Many thanks