Can't find the patient-portal.oap file

I am doing the Patient Self-Service Portal course. In order to start I need the  patient-portal.oap file. I can't find neither the Lesson Materials nor the .oap file mentioned.

With that being said, where is the file?

Best regards,

Marcelo Teles



The file is already there I guess you are not changing the file type from the window pop up or you have not extracted the files from the ZIP, you need to extract the files first then only it will appear.

Still I am attaching the file for you, you can download and open

Tousif Khan

Patient Portal.oap

Same issue here. It says "Now, make sure you have the patient-portal.oap file in your hard drive. This file is in the zip file you have just downloaded from the Lesson Materials."

I may be overlooking something obvious but I'm not sure where to download these lesson materials.

Anyways, I'll make do with the file provided here.

Edit: I found them, they're at the bottom of the How to-page.

I followed the steps provided by you and still coudn't find the file. Weird. However, thanks for providing the file!

Best regards,

Marcelo Teles


I guess there Might be some issue, BTW have you changed the file type in a select file window to Outsystems Application Package in an extracted folder?

So are you able to open the file that I have attached, if yes then I hope the problem is solved for you


Yes I did change the file type and couldn't find the file. However, I am able to open the file that you attached perfectly. Thank you very much for the help!

Best regards,

Marcelo Teles

Boa tarde, para quem como eu fiquei em duvidas onde encontrar o Arquivo Zip no modulo How to Install a Quickstart App (Como instalar um aplicativo de início rápido ) no final da pagina esta os materiais para download, espero ter ajudado. 

We must first click the Lesson Material option and then navigate to the download location to obtain this file. It'll show up there.

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