[Cloud Messaging Plugin (Firebase)] Getting OS-PLUG-FCMS-0007 and OS-PLUG-FCMS-0001 error codes
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Hello, I'm currently using the version of this plugin that points to the Github code version 1.1.0 on a Mobile app available for iOS and Android. 

From time to time when using the Register Device action I'm getting the following Error:

Error Code: OS-PLUG-FCMS-0001
Error Message: Couldn't register your device. 

When using the action GetToken right after this one I'm getting the following Error:

Error Code: OS-PLUG-FCMS-0007
Error Message: Couldn't obtain token. 

So far I haven't been able to identify a pattern, but it's happening at least on a Samsung Galaxy device.

Has anyone had this error before?

Thank you,

João Santos

Hello @João Miguel Santos ,

Thank you for your interest in our supported Cloud Messaging Plugin.

If I may ask, how often does the issue happen on that Samsung Galaxy device? Is it rare? Also, what is the device's specific model, and what Android version are you using?

Best regards,

Alexandre Jacinto

Hello @Alexandre Jacinto,

Thank you for your answer. This has been happening quite a lot and so far we weren't able to trace a pattern.

The device where we caught this issue first is a Samsung Galaxy A50, with the version 11 of Android.

Meanwhile we have started to catch this on other devices as well.

Best regards,

João Santos

Hello @Alexandre Jacinto, 

We have the same issue. It affects our Android 11 devices. It works fine on Android 13.



EDIT: I've added the relevant stacktrace from Android Studio's logcat.


Going from the errors in the stacktrace, I was able to solve this issue by doing the following:

All you have to do is just make the API key you are using has permission to the following APIs:

  • Firebase Installations API
  • FirebaseCloud Messaging API
  • Cloud Messaging
  • FCM Registration API

You can change the restrictions from your google cloud -> APIs & Services -> Credentials.

Hope this helps others.



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