[Camera Plugin] Supported Cordova plugin error when generating iOS application.
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I am trying to use the supported Camera Plugin (link) in my application, but when generating the mobile app, I get an OS-MABS-GEN-40019 error with the message "Couldn't compile the Cordova plugin..." , and am told to review my plugin configurations. In the build logs, the following error is present: 

[2023-04-25T11:55:29.215Z] [VERBOSE] [Build] Command finished with error code 0: npm install,@outsystems/cordova-mobile-template@12.7.3,--no-save

I'm trying to find where these plugin configurations actually are, but since this plugin is supported by Outsystems, my understanding was that I'm not supposed to edit anything within it.


Needed to update to latest version. Marked as solved. 

Hi Jake,

Next time you have an issue with a Forge component, when you create the question, select the Forge component, instead of providing the link in your question.

I updated your question, this time. The benefit of reporting it to the correct component is that the team responsible for the component gets a notification that you have a question.




Needed to update to latest version. Marked as solved. 

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