filter the data using  symbols column

filter the data using  symbols column

i have alert column. in that i have three images 1) success 2) warning 3) failure.i want to filter the data based on the images. how to do it.
the success and failure and warning symbol are came base on the the conditions of two columns in the same entity. let me know how to give the condition for prepartions action also.

It seems to me that you want to do something similar to what our "normal" list screens do, but use a dropdown with the 3 alert states instead of the normal search inputs.

Just use intelliwarp to create a <YourEntity>_List screen for the screen you want to filter, then edit the screen and add a Combo Box next to the Search Button. Then change the Get<YourEntity> query on that screen's preparation to allow you to filter for the alert state, followed by opening the Refresh<YourEntity>Table screen action and putting logic there before the Refresh Get<YourEntity> to modify the filtering depending on the drop down.