read only access right to user

read only access right to user

I created Guest Role of one user for LeaveManagement application.
when i Browse application with username having guest role , i am able to edit the leave records
I want to assign only read only access right to user
Please let me know how can i asssing read only right to user having guest role
Hi Poonam,

Conceptually, it probably makes more sense if you use a "Registered" role than a "Guest" role i.e. validate that the user HAS access, rather than DOES NOT have access. If that is the case, you could just use the pre-defined "Registered" role.

Still, assuming you want to go for having a GuestRole, you can block the access to the Edit screens outright by unticking the GuestRole in the Roles property for those screens. That will wield a security exception if a guest tries to access those screens.

Then, in the Show/List screens that link to Edit screens, you could use an IF widget around these links and display them only if CheckGuestRoleRole(UserId:Session.UserId) returns false.

Hope this helps,