What Subjects would you personally like to discuss during NextStep 2012?

Hi everyone,

For this year’s NextStep event, we’re planning on doing a few Birds-of-a-feather/discussion roundtable sessions in the morning of the 1st day.

These are meant to be very informal discussion sessions on one broad subject, with little to no moderation (and no selling!) and where people don’t really need to sign up beforehand (just walk in and join!).  We just want to promote democratic gatherings of people who want to talk and share experiences on a particular area that they feel passionate about.

We plan on having 6 sessions of roughly 45mins each, and are already throwing around a few ideas in-house, but I thought I’d put it to you to make any suggestions in this thread!

What areas of our industry’s ecosystem (emerging or mature!) would you like to talk about? Please let us know as soon as possible!

Many thanks,
Hi Miguel,
been meaning to reply to this for a while.  :)

Here are a few ideas:
  • Software as a Service - The do's, dont's, advantages, disadvantages, the difficulties you might face when trying to convince anyone that SaaS is a valid, safe and cheap option, etc.
  • Mobile Apps - Considerations when building one. Security, Processing, UI, etc. 
  • Outsystems, advantages/disadvantages over other similar technologies. (I know this is a sensitive topic, but I believe we should be as honest as we can, not to mention it demonstrates the openess of the community, and a discussion like this will surely provide a huge amount of ideas that can be passed to the R&D department) 
Hi Chinita,

Thank you for your suggestions: two of those match some on our internal shortlist and the other one is quite good too! I'll add it to the "bag" of possibilities and then we'll need to decide on the final 6!

Everyone else: there is still some hours to send your suggestions in - throw your hat into the ring asap! :)


- How to convince java/.net developers Outsystems usage is an advantage and not a limitation.

- Agile/Scrum in a standard waterfall company, how to breach the walls?

Hi everyone,

Just to let you all know that we have just closed the Birds of a Feather session list and that we will announce them here, as well as add them to the schedule, in next couple of days!

Thanks to both Chinita and Joost for your suggestions: you'll be happy to know that the "sensitive" topic you both suggested WILL BE featured in the lignup! :)


Great. Looking forward to those sessions.
Hope they will be good sessions, sadly I did not win the lottery and someone else from our company will be joining the NextStep ;)
Joost Landgraf wrote:
Hope they will be good sessions, sadly I did not win the lottery and someone else from our company will be joining the NextStep ;)
Once here, I'll make sure your colleague feels incredibly guilty for taking your place, Joost :)

Discuss "how to think about design, when designing a modular apps for the agile platform"

Hi everyone,

Just a heads up to let you know that the NextStep 2012 schedule has been updated and includes, among other things, the full lignup and times for the community Birds Of A Feather sessions! To know more hop to


and make sure that you come in on the morning of the 1st day. No excuses! :)



I would like to discuss about Outsystems website security  and how can it be improved, specially if the applications get open to the Internet.