Small Production/Development. environment

Small Production/Development. environment

Hi guys,

I would like to have an opinion about what I am trying to implement.

So, in first case:
  • 2 Physical machines
  • One for SQL Server, with 2 instances for each Platform server
  • Other to run 2 Platform servers
  • The first platform would be binded to *:80 (for production)
  • The second platform binded to *:8080 (for development)
By the way, is this case possible?...

Second Case:
  • 3 Physical machines
  • One for SQL Server, with 2 instances for each Platform server
  • Second for production 
  • Third for development
This case, I think it's possible.

Keeping in mind that, for me, would be nice to have only 2 machines, one to keep the databases, and other to keep the 2 Platform servers.

Any of this cases is reliable?

Best regards,
André Pinela
i dont know how to do that
Hi, I believe you can only run one Platform Server instance in each Windows instance. So, to run two Platform Server instances on a single piece of hardware, you would need to use virtual machines and have two separate Windows virtual machines running on there.

I figured it out!

Two machines, first with 2  VM's with 2 platforms(PROD+DEV), giving socket 80, in the host machine, a route to 80 in VM with the PROD platform, and the DEV VM, routed to 8080 in host machine;
Second, with two SQL Instances, one for production, other for development.
Ok, but that is on an virtual machine.
Is there een option to run 2 servers on 1 operating system?

I'm interested in this question too :)
Hello Daan and André

Currently, is not possible to have more then one Platform Server installed on the same operating system. This is not limited by the applicaiton server bind port, but is a Platform Server architecture design and requirement.

@André, regarding your solution for a small production/development environment, the virtualization solution could lead to severe performance impacts, depending on the available physical resources for such virtual machines, namely CPU and RAM.


Miguel Simões João


I know it, and for now, they are working well. I'm using a dual core machine with 4 GB ram, no SQL instances running...

But thanks for let us know about the possibility of platform being capable to run 2 instances in the same OS.