Changing a chart

Changing a chart


I'm using a chart from the ChartingServicesCore.
The chart itself is "Bar2D.swf".

The problem i'm having is that I really like the chart but it's information is in $ while the currency overhere is €.
Is there a way to change this?

I can't find the .swf file itself to change is in adobe flash.

Does any of you know how to do this?

With kind regards,
My first bet is there is a site property of the currency symbol.

My second bet is changing the dataxml probably.

Hi Daan.

You have to change your XML. You can use the property numberPrefix="€" to achieve your goal.

Have a look in the documentation ( for more settings.

I changed the numberprefix to € instead of $.
But after I Publish and look into the chart nothing has changed...

Allso I tried to change animation things like, bars to lines and stuff.
Just as how they say it in the fusioncharts settings but nothing changes.

Could it be that I locked the chart in some way?
I changed a lot of properties and at the end I still had the same bars but no more numbers in it.
Allso they were looking like crap.

The currency symbol stood in the dataxml yes, but as I just said in my reply nothing changes.
Unfortunatly, because you can apperantly change "Bar2d.swf" to "Line.swf" or something like that (the options for that are findable at the fusioncharts site)
But it just won't react in any way to my changes of the properties.

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actually the link for the docs is The one I gave before was for the "old" FusionCharts eSpace.

If your XML looks something like this it should be doing what you want.

<chart caption='Monthly Revenue' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Revenue' numberPrefix='€' showValues= '0'>

   <set label='Jan' value='420000' />
   <set label='Feb' value='910000' />
   <set label='Mar' value='720000' />
   <set label='Apr' value='550000' />
   <set label='May' value='810000' />
   <set label='Jun' value='510000' />
   <set label='Jul' value='680000' />
   <set label='Aug' value='620000' />
   <set label='Sep' value='610000' />
   <set label='Oct' value='490000' />
   <set label='Nov' value='530000' />
   <set label='Dec' value='330000' />

      <line startValue='700000' color='009933' displayvalue='Target' /> 


         <style name='CanvasAnim' type='animation' param='_xScale' start= '0' duration='1' />

         <apply toObject='Canvas' styles='CanvasAnim' />


Hi Joao,

When I look abit into the xml I can't find anything that looks like that.
The thing I do find is the getweeklyresult action I made.
Unfortunatly I cannot find something that looks like that.

I find my action wich is:
Start -> an Assign -> query ->for each (cycle with an assign) -> an assign -> End

This is made by fusioncharts.
I cannot acces the xml file, I can only find the xml variable wich looks like this:
"<graph animation='0'
decimalPrecision='0' >"
This is allso the place where I changed the Numberprefix to €, but because nothing changed I put the old variable back.
Where can find the things you describe?
Hello Daan,

the xml changes according to the type of the graphic so the example I gave (that was in the documentation) may not look like the one you are doing.

I had a small sample espace that used ChartingServices... I'll leave you with a screenshot. All I do is assign the xml text you see to the variable DataXML_Bar in the preparation of the screen. 

Hi Joao,

This is what I have 

When I look at the XML I cannot change a thing.
It is an output param of the action getweeklyresult.
If you could make available that action it would be better... we can see better what's going on there.
Hi Joao,

In the attachment I have the espace.
This is not my "Good" espace but a new one I made so you can see what I mean.

There is no data to show but you can see that I can't change the xml file.

With kind regards,

you can change the XML in your action. In the first assign change the dollar sign to the euro one. The action will then output the XML you want.

Hi Joao,

That is what I allready did.
When I change this one nothing changes in the chart.

Maybe if you put some sample data into the chart you can see what I mean.
Whatever you change in the Assign isn't being changed in the chart itself.

With kind regards,
Can someone please help me, I'm stuck for the moment now.

your XML should start with <chart...>  and not  <graph...>

I just did an example of type Bar2D and it worked ok.

Your XML should look like this:

<chart caption='Monthly Revenue' xAxisName='Month' yAxisName='Revenue' numberPrefix='€' showValues= '0'>

Use this link for the documentation -->
Hi Joao,

Thanks for the help.
We discovered one problem with an assign but I'm figuring that out at the moment.
When I know more I will let you know.

With kind regards,

I was able to solve this problem, simply by adding a second assign after the first one.
The second assign has exactly the same information as the first (so double information) and now it suddenly works.

With kind regards,