B2B webshops, Outsystems or Magento?

B2B webshops, Outsystems or Magento?

Here's my challenge; I need to have our ruby on rails B2B webshops replaced by new webshops. I'm quite an outsystems fan myself but our CIO thinks we should have them build with magento. Besides the obvious argument that outsystems apps and developers are more cool than magento shops and php techies, I need some more arguments to make the.case for the technology behind our new webshops. Are there any outsystems users with experience with magento shops? And do you care to share? Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Karel

It depends do you really need a custom shopping cart solution? 

Building a shopping cart is no easy task, most webshops use off the self shopping cart solutions however most complex businesses require custom built shopping cart solutions, the decision on your business use case.

Hello Karel,

I would say convince you're manager to use OutSystems. My personal opion in this is that OS is way more flexible and changes can be added easy to production (by publishing solutions). Another stong point would be webservices. With OS it's a pice of cake to build those and you can 'close' them to the used ERP systems to show customer their orderstatus or invoices and so on. Even for B2B you can even consider about using webservices so you can make some 'personal' logic to convince customers to use your webshop.

I don't have much experience with Magento, but I do with a OS B2B webshop witch I've been working on for a customer of ours. Maybe the look of the webshop can convince your manager to see whats possible: www.wasco.nl

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Hi Karel,

You might want to take a look at the free eCommerce app.

Tiago Simões