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Any One please help me for this Assignment

Please guide me for this Task..!!

  • Login ( With basic Sign-up functionality)
  • To Do Viewer
  • Create To DO Popup
  • User Journey
    • After Successful login user will be navigated to To Do view screen
    • On that page there will be a provision for creating a new to-do item
    • If there is no to-do item present, then page will show a message “No Items Available”
    • To-Do items will be grouped by active, overdue (completion date is already over) and future and resolved.
    • Each group will further grouped by priority
    • There will be separate color coding for 3 types,
      • Past will be Red and Bold
      • Present is Orange
      • Future will be green with italics
      • Resolved will be Green with green tick icon beside them, and text will the strike-through
    • Each to do line item will provide options for removing and resolving the item
      • If deleted, then that item will be removed from database and the view as well
      • If resolved then item will come under resolved section
      • Please note: Future items can not be resolved but they can be removed
    • Create To Do: A small popup will open by clicking on the button on the main page. This popup will contain
      • To-Do Name (Max 100 characters, Min 10 characters, has to be alpha numeric)
      • Priority (Dropdown – High, Medium, Low)
      • Resolution date (Validation: Only current or future dates)
      • Button for Save & Cancel. Save button will be disabled if there is/are any validation error
  • Non-Functional Requirements
    • Application must be responsive
    • Application must be modular. Create OutSystems blocks to compose the screens
    • Proper exception handling is required. Need to implement a global and local exception handling mechanism
    • Database calls should not be invoked directly from UI. It should route through a separate module

Hi Sanket,

this is a full but simple assignment, at beginner level, but involving many concepts and best practices.  This is something that would take someone between a couple of hours to a couple of days dependent on experience with Outsystems.

The only guidance I would give is to go through the beginner guided path completely and make sure you understand everything, then just start the task, and when you run into a specific problem, do some google or forum searching, nothing above really strikes me as deviating much beginner knowledge, so there should be plenty of stuff to find, if you are still in doubt, let us know.


can please help for this dorine

assuming that you get this task because you are on a learning path to become an Outsystems developer, I would do you a disservice by doing that task for you.

Just start, try things out, go back to the relevant courses if you need, google it, and if you have specific questions that you don't find answers googling or searching the forum, tell us exactly what you are struggling with, preferably with an oml showing what you are trying.


My personal general steps for this would be something like :

  • choose an architecture : what modules do you need
  • make a datamodel covering your requirements : what information do you want to store and how does all this information relate to each other, what are their datatypes
  • still in the core layer : what are the business rules : what is mandatory, what supportive static entities do you need to store options or choices or types
  • still in the core layer : make wrapper actions to do the standard create / update / delete on the entities in your datamodel, make sure to validate the necessary business rules
  • now in your ui module, build your todo screen

Hi Sanket Shinde, 

Besides the useful advises from Dorine and Raymond you can also check existing applications on forge for inspiration

Check out for instance these ones

Hope that it helps you 


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