Beste practise to move OutSystems from VMWare to Virtualbox

Beste practise to move OutSystems from VMWare to Virtualbox

Hi all,

I have OutSystems 5.0 running in a VMWare and would like to migrate this to a (free) Virtualbox (with OutSystems 6).
The hosting laptop has a HDD partition to move file's into and out of the VMWare and the Virtualbox.
How can I best bundle *everything* (oml + data) and be sure I can continu in the virtualbox at the point where I stopped in the VMWare?


Bert      <><
Bert -

Are you planning to migrate the entire VM, or just the OutSystems installation?

Hi Justin,

I will stop with VM, because I had a laptop with WM Workstation on it.
Now I have a laptop with only VM Player and at the same time Virtualbox, which is free.
So I would like to migrate from the VM with a Windows server + OutSystems 5 to Virtualbox with windows 7 + OutSystems 6.
Well, if you are going to also upgrade to OutSystems 6, there is more to it than just moving everything over.

I would suggest first upgrading the OML, Extensions, etc. to OutSystems 6 on the server it is on now, then following the instructions for migrating to a new server. I don't have the link offhand, but some searching here should turn up instructions. I know it is well documented.