asking user input during an action

asking user input during an action

Hi OUTSystems supporters,

In my current application I need to import (product) data from an excel file.

During the import session I need to validate the data integrity. To do so I use 
xref files that translates unknown values.

For instance in hollan we have two VAT percentages 19% and 6%.  
Depending on the supplier importing the Products the vat code can be presented as
f.i. 19, High or 2 for the first level and 6, low or 1 for the second vat level.

In order to point to the right VAT record in my database I use an XREFVat file that checks if the presented
value exist and tha points to my VAT record

If the presented value is not yet available a screen should opened immidiately in order to ask the end user
to create the reference to this new value.

At this moment I have been able to check for an unkown reference and to throw up and catch the exeption when a
presented value has no reference.

The thing lacking is to open the screen allowing the user to add the reference because the whole process is within an action

Can someone provide me with a solution for this?
I have tried to solve it with a process but that does not open the screen immidiately causing the procuct record to be skipped.

kind regards,
Dop Hegger
hi dop

from what i know, you cant perform user interaction during an action

what i would recomend, create a flag in your entity (ie. validation successfull or active/inactive)
then upload all the data and do the automatic validation, where the valid records get a "X" set in the new field

where you upload your file, have a screen with an edit table,
here you list those records that couldnt be validated automatically (ie. no "X" set yet)
with the according fields editable, or buttons per record to create a reference or correction

that way the user doesnt necessarily have to chose a reference directly during the upload.
and has time to do things like: checking with the boss which reference/correction would fit best

I think that should be possible if you use the runjavascript built-in action and some jquery or javascript code (with some input dialog box).

I never tried myself.

Hope the suggestion can help you...

Ive remember some other thing that can be usefull for you... On the action you can also create a javascript code that click on some hidden button on the screen that can open a popup editor...

Hope i helped you with some ideas...

Best regards,
Luis Paulo Soares