Editing an excel


I was wondering, I have a lot of tables wich I can export to excel.
The only problem is those excel files look really bad.

I know the option to put a few out of the excel but I would like to have a pre-made excel.
In wich I put a few nice colums with colors or something like that and that my application will put the information in that.

Sort of an Html idear but then in excel.

Is this possible?

With kind regards,
Hi Daan,

Yes, it's possible.
In this post (http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkForums/ViewTopic.aspx?TopicId=5526&Topic=Multi-tab-Excel-Report), there is a sample how to use   MultiSheetExcel, but you can use it to use only one excel sheet and in the screen you can design the page like you want. 
Other option, is use the component OfficeTemplate ( http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=235 ). I've never used it, but it seems what you are looking for.
Nelson Baptista
Hi Nelson,

Sorry for the late comment, but thank you very much!
I will look into the OfficeTemplate because this looks like what I want to accomplish.

With kind regards,
Hi Nelson,

Whenever I try to publish the version of the officetemplate to see what it does I get an error.
This error is that the espace is not compatible with the server integration and that I need to update it.
But when I do the update references action the whole espace generates multiple failures.

The other excel application is from service studio or something like that wich is no more supported by 6.1.
This means I cannot open the espace to check it out.

Is there some sort of new application wich shows me what I want?
The idea of the template looks fine and is for what I saw of it, the thing I want.

With kind regards,