Popup has scrollbars with different roles

Popup has scrollbars with different roles


I have a problem.
I have a pop-up screen, this screen shows good information.
But whenever I make my Description of the product (Omschrijving on the screenshot) a long description
it shows scrollbars. I can make the height of the container something like 50 or so, but whenever i have a product
with a small name it shows an empty space.

How can I make the container/pop-up adapt automaticly?

See the following  screenshot:

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Hi Daan,

Are you forcing the size of the popup or letting it resize? (the WidthPx and HeightPx parameters empty)
Leaving them empty should resize correctly independently of the lines "Omschrijving" takes. If you notice, "Relatie" also has 2 lines and it's not reserving that space!

From the screenshot my guess is that the script that calculates the needed Width is misscalculating by 1 pixel or so causing the scrolls to show.

I can think of 2 tries to work around the resize misscalculations:
1- Try to force a fixed
WidthPx and see if it calculates the Height correclty.
2- Another option that you can try is to set the column sizes in a way that if the second doesn't have enough space, it can shrink the first column a bit before wraping

Also make sure you test this with different browsers, since each has different perks on size calculations.

João Rosado
Hi Joao,

There is no fixed size, sometimes the "Omschrijving" is really long so a fixed size would be visible.
This doesn't look nice but I hoped there was a way to make the size correct automaticly.

Is there?
Hi Daan,

I've seen this behavour a couple of times on IE but I wasn't able to replicate it.
Can you provide us a simple example when this happens everytime? I will also need the browser and the browser version.

Thank you,

Hi Hélio,

The pop-up has scrollbars in IE9 and in Google Chrome, I don't know about Firefox because I don't have that browser on this pc.
In the attachment is a version with the scrollbars pop-up screen.

I made this example and you might want to try to make a product in the list yourself, as soon as you move your mouse over the i from the info pop-up
you will see the scroll bars.

With kind regards,
Hi again Daan,

I'm not replicating the problem. Can you provide us the Values you are using (Name + Description) and the Platform Server version.

Hi Hélio,

I made this test:

The platform server version I'm using is

With kind regards,
Thanks Daan!

We found a way to fix this.
We'll now test it to check if it doesn't break anything.

The fix will probably be out in a future revision patch (probably in

Best Regards
Hi Hélio,

That is nice to know!
I'm looking out for the new version!

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